Machine Vision Technology Boosts Manufacturing Productivity

The UK has a rich manufacturing history and even today, direct manufacturing and the associated supply chains provide 5 million jobs and contribute 15% of GDP. Despite this, per worker productivity in the UK is lower than in European counterparts. Investment in industrial digitalisation is seen as fundamental for driving positive change.

Industrial digitalisation boosts productivity by automating processes. The technology enables operations to be reliably undertaken, with minimal need for downtime, 24 hours a day. As such, the cost of capital investment can soon generate a favourable return.

Machine Vision Technology

Automation is ideally suited to routine tasks which demand accuracy at speed. Machines with the ability to see, and react in set ways depending on what they view, play a valuable role in boosting productivity.
In response to the demand for efficient process automation, Arbor Technology has developed high specification Machine Vision technology solutions:
ARES 1970 E – A Fanless Embedded Controller with 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor
FPC 7900 Series – A Robust Box PC with Intel® Xeon® E3/6th & 7th Generation Core™ i7/i5/i3 Processor
FPC 9002-P6 – A Machine Vision Controller with Intel® Xeon® E3/6th & 7th Generation Core i7/i5/i3 Processor with 6 GbE PoE

These solutions are integrated with a Human Machine interface, the ASLAN w922C-IP Panel PC – A full IP65 Stainless 21.5″ Widescreen Industrial Panel PC with Intel® Core i5-6300U – for the complete vision inspection solution.
In each of these options, cameras and processors are interconnected in order for the computer to develop a visual understanding of the environment. Through pattern recognition, it is possible for these devices to inspect the process with precision, whilst capturing and analysing data.

Essential Components in Machine Vision Technology

Arbor stipulates that IPC platforms for machine vision technology must include:
• Sufficient storage and bandwidth to handle vast amounts of data at very high speeds
• Secure configuration
• Peripheral integration
• Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision/USB 3.0) – a framework for transmitting high-speed video and related control data over Ethernet, as well as providing power over Ethernet (POE)
• Reliable power and suitable thermal engineering
• Machine learning techniques to automatically optimise performance through pattern recognition

As such, our devices offer robust performance in demanding industrial settings.

Custom Configured Machine Vision Technology

Investment in Arbor’s machine vision solutions has come from a wide range of industries. Our custom configuration service provides the functions, features and connectivity which are specified by our customers. As such, we tailor the device to the demands of the application.
A UK fresh food manufacturer has implemented Arbor’s machine vision technology to provide x-ray inspection. With the rapid identification of contamination issues, the company has increased safety, quality and productivity through the production process.

In China, a smartphone manufacturer replaced manual inspection for Arbor’s LAN connected, fanless Box PC with cameras and sensors. The automated identification and removal of defective products helped to prevent bottlenecks. It also contributed to significant increases in speed, accuracy which resulted in notable cost savings.

Outside of the factory, our machine vision solutions are used by Eurotunnel for the efficient check of vehicles wishing to cross the channel. Incorporating number plate recognition, the machines are able to automatically display on-screen information that is directly relevant to individual passengers. This helps to keep waiting times down, as well as preventing those without a booking from entering.

Human versus Machine Vision Technology

Unlike the human eye, Arbor’s machine vision technology offers consistent accuracy, at high speeds, and for long periods of operation. Such technology supports material handling, fault detection, quality assurance and process control. Ultimately it reduces waste, enhances efficiency and boosts productivity in ways that aren’t viable with manual operation.

This doesn’t mean an unemployment crisis, especially at a point where skills shortages are another risk to industrial growth. With routine inspection being automated, workers can apply their engineering expertise in more demanding activities. Their skills can support product development and innovation, whilst mundane, repetitive tasks are reliably managed by machines.

Specialist in Machine Vision Technology

By offering a range of high specification solutions and a custom configuration service, Arbor Technology offers the ideal machine vision technology for your application. From initial advice, through to after sales support, our local team provide you with a comprehensive service.

For further information, please contact Milton Keynes based Arbor UK on 01908 310100 or email