Improving Patient Care

Computers are playing a vital role in extending the capabilities of medical professionals. By supporting accurate patient record keeping, allowing information to be share across multi-disciplinary teams and automating administrative tasks, computers are helping to streamline and improve patient care. Arbor UK supplies a range of fanless, touch panel devices that support monitoring, recording and decision making in medical settings. Our reliable, data retrieving devices are specifically designed to enhance communication and provide a convenient means access to records in a medical environment.

Arbor UK's all-in-one patient infotainment terminals, in 10.1" and 18.5" screen sizes, support a wide variety of connecting and data retrieving devices while offering excellent multimedia entertainment and communication services, which will make hospital stay much more comfortable.

Our medical computing range includes following categories:


Arbor UK has invested in design and technology that delivers the efficiency that is essential in modern health care. Our on-going UK based support provides you with added confidence in our medical computing solutions.