Designed, built and tested for demanding industrial and commercial applications

Arbor's touchscreen panel PCs are ultra-reliable panel computers, built around high performance CPU engines, high-brightness displays and user-friendly touchscreens. Our touchscreen panel PCs are designed for industrial applications where control capabilities, local database/storage and connectivity are required. All Arbor touchscreen solutions offer a wide range of IO, allowing users to connect to multiple devices and take control of the factory floor and beyond. Products are available in both widescreen and 4:3 formats, and in a variety of display sizes ranging from 5” to 21.5”, making them the perfect for multiple industrial and semi-industrial applications, including point-of-sales and machine control.


The technical team at Arbor UK have the skills to custom configure products to meet your requirements. We undertake thorough testing prior to delivering your order and are on hand to offer after sales support. Our high quality design and manufacturing capabilities enable your business to benefit from technical advances, IoT and Smart solutions.