Up-to-the-Minute Information

Digital signage is quick and easy to update, allowing for responsive marketing and the provision of up the minute information. This makes it an obvious choice for information boards, advertising and promotions. Arbor UK has developed robust digital signage hardware which can be incorporated into interactive self-service kiosks, on-board travel information boards and brand marketing signs aimed at attracting attention, influencing purchasing decisions, delivering announcements and enabling transactions.

Our computing solutions for the digital signage are categorised as follows:

  • Multiple Independent Displays
  • Cost Effective Entry Level Systems
  • High Power 4K Systems


Arbor UK’s digital signage supports customer service, marketing and sales at any time of the day or night. It has been installed in public buildings, transport hubs, retail units and city centres, as well as on-board public transport. With our pre-delivery testing and on-going technical support, we can provide a reliable means of sharing your message 01908 310100