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1st September 2020

Industrial PC versus Commercial PC

Industrial PC and Commercial PC Equipping employees and manufacturing plants with the right technology is essential for boosting efficiency and reducing downtime and maintenance costs. As rugged Industrial PCs and mobile devices require a greater initial outlay than their commercial counterparts, are they worth the investment? Digital Transformation Digital transformation […]
23rd July 2020

Industrial Panel PCs Boosting Food Industry Efficiency

Industrial Panel PCs – Food Industry Covid-19 has thrown an array of challenges at the food industry. Panic buying and the closure of restaurants generated spikes in demand, supply chains were altered and food deliveries became essential for many. Technology, including Industrial Panel PCs, helped many companies to make efficient […]
25th June 2020

Thermal Monitoring to Lower Return to Work Risks

Return to Work Thermal cameras, connected to black-box devices for calibration, are being used in a variety of applications. Production line monitoring in temperature-sensitive manufacturing or processing, security in transport hubs and fire detection are three examples. This year, a fresh application has been realised; temperature monitoring to reduce the […]
18th May 2020

Temperature Screening Station

E-Guardian S408 is designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures. This solution can be used for rapid temperature screening at entry points to office buildings, factories and public places.
19th July 2018

Machine Vision Technology

Machine Vision Technology Boosts Manufacturing Productivity The UK has a rich manufacturing history and even today, direct manufacturing and the associated supply chains provide 5 million jobs and contribute 15% of GDP. Despite this, per worker productivity in the UK is lower than in European counterparts. Investment in industrial digitalisation […]
25th May 2018

Investing in Long Term Customer Relationships

Investing in Long Term Customer Relationships Arbor Technology UK has built a number of long standing relationships with leading businesses. We really value their custom, whilst they value our technical advice and service at all stages of the process. Like any business, we have targets, but our aim is to […]
24th April 2018

Hospital Infotainment Systems

Patient Satisfaction Scores and the Role of Infotainment Systems When patients are admitted to hospital, they expect medical assistance to help them get back to good health. Diagnosis and medical intervention are the priority, but patients also want to be cared for. Healthcare teams understand that looking after their patients […]
26th March 2018

Testing Rugged Tablets

  Testing Rugged Tablets Mobile tablets and handheld devices play a vital role in enhancing efficiency in a wide variety of operations. From private hospital wards to industrial factories, information can be shared and orders processed via the touch screen of rugged mobile computing solutions. A rugged mobile device comes […]
19th March 2018

Digital Technology and the Customer Experience

Digital Technology and the Customer Experience Failure to fully embrace digital technology has seen the demise of many retail giants. The collapse of Woolworths, Jessops and BHS would have been unthinkable a decade before they went under. They followed a tried and tested business model, but it didn’t acknowledge a […]
20th February 2018

Electronics and the Internet of Things

Electronics and the Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving change across every industrial sector. From automated manufacture and logistics, to telemedicine, retail and hospitality, IoT opens up the opportunity to enhance efficiency, productivity and profitability. Electronics sit at the heart of the IoT infrastructure. Advances in […]
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