Industrial Panel PCs – Food Industry

Covid-19 has thrown an array of challenges at the food industry. Panic buying and the closure of restaurants generated spikes in demand, supply chains were altered and food deliveries became essential for many. Technology, including Industrial Panel PCs, helped many companies to make efficient use of resources and adapt to meet customer requirements.

Industrial Panel PCs provide a reliable 24-hour monitoring system of the production line. With Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), they can be set up to provide a comprehensive overview of the full process.

Benefits of Industrial Panel PCs in Production Management

With the accurate collection of data, the Production Manager can be immediately alerted to abnormal activity, bottlenecks, stock shortages and system faults. The issue can then be addressed and resolved at speed. This reduces the impact of production line issues, minimised downtime and reduces the risk of damage to stock.

The use of Industrial Panel PCs in production lines supports the standardisation of processes. The data can support strategic planning, stock management and waste reduction measures.

Industrial Panel PCs from Arbor Technology

Plastic Screen Panel PC

Lync-715-N4200G4 a 15” 4:3 format screen Panel PC with LED-backlit, plastic screen, which is ideal for food processing environments. This robust solution is powered by an Intel® Pentium® N4200 processor and is IP65-compliant.

This fanless, Industrial Panel PC is a popular choice for production line monitoring. The technology has been designed and tested to withstand moisture, liquid and dust ingress. It can operate across a wide temperature range, making it suitable for refrigerated or heated environments.

Lync – 715-N4200G4 can be used by individuals wearing gloves and can be regularly cleaned to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

Glass Screen Panel PC If a glass screen is your preferred option, we offer the ASLAN W719C with an 18.5” touch screen for clear operation. Although ASLAN W719C has wide appeal, the size is not suited to all industrial applications. The full ASLAN Panel PC series ranges from compact 10.1” screens, through to large 21.5” screens. All of which have glass screens.

All options are vibration- and shock-proof to withstand demanding operating environments and we offer suitable mounting options for ease of installation.

This technology can free up employees to work on tasks that require specialist knowledge, decision making, problem solving and creativity.

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Supportive Technical Team

Arbor Technology’s Panel PCs can be customised by our experienced team in our Milton Keynes workshop. A popular option is to configure a system to provide extensive Gigabit Ethernet ports for integration into “Vision and Motion Control” installations (or setups). This provides the Production Manager with ‘eyes’ on the process, which supports quality controls and can help to spot the cause of reoccurring issues.

Our UK-based team are also on-hand to provide on-going technical support, as required.

Scaling Up Operations with Panel PCs

Many small food and drink companies have thrived during the pandemic. This may have fast-tracked your expansion plans. Until now, manual process management and data collection may have been sufficient. As you look to scale up operations, the installation of Industrial Panel PCs can support business growth.

At present, there is Government funding available to support business growth. Your business might qualify for grants to support the installation of Panel PCs and other technology to drive resource efficiency and/or supply chain management.

Arbor Technology UK is willing to work with you to provide the necessary information that would support relevant applications for manufacturing grants.

Milton Keynes Manufacturer of Reliable Industrial Technology

With more than 20 years’ experience in embedded computing, Arbor Technology continues to develop and manufacture industrial computing solutions. Arbor is a leading supplier of robust computing solutions which can be invaluable for process monitoring.

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