When Technical Failure is not an Option

In every industry, digital transformation is creating tech-enabled processes and environments where efficiency and productivity reign. Technical innovations continue to lead advances in manufacturing, automotive, energy, aerospace and defence capabilities.

When investing in digital, every industry is looking for tried and tested solutions that reliably reduce downtime. There is a need for robust solutions, which can handle current and future demands. This is why electronic test equipment is essential to digital transformation.

Custom Test Solutions for High Complexity Devices

There are certain applications where technology has to be fail-proof. Any disruption to operations would pose a far greater risk than a major inconvenience. In these situations, technology has to be absolutely dependable and that demands dedicated test equipment.

When exceptional levels of reliability are essential and niche requirements have to be met, standard electronic test equipment doesn’t go far enough. Our dedicated test solutions are bespoke built to undertake multiple computer-controlled tests which ensure solid performance.

A prime example is in military application. Digital innovation is being actively sought from Tier 1 defence contractors, to provide advantages in national security. When deployed, such equipment has to perform the full breadth of functionality to protect lives.

Arbor UK supplies Tier 1 defence contractors with custom test solutions. We have the specialist knowledge to design and develop custom test equipment for advanced and highly complex technology. Our systems are built to perform a range of pre-selected tests to ensure critical equipment is functioning to the highest standards.

Developing Bespoke Test Solutions

Arbor UK operates in line with ISO 9001 and we can ensure that systems meet the standards required for EMC and CE Marking. All products are thoroughly tested in-house prior to delivery and our team are on hand to provide technical support.

When developing dedicated test equipment, we start with a thorough planning meeting, where the parameters are defined. We ensure that we clearly understand the equipment and rigorous test requirements. What will constitute a successful test and what levels of accuracy are needed to ensure reliable performance?

Our specialist team typically design and develop custom test solutions for low volume high complexity equipment. We put all equipment through meticulous testing and deliver solutions that provide accurate measurements and results.

Technology Specialists, Milton Keynes Arbor UK is part of the global network for Arbor Technology, an established Taiwanese specialist. Our dedicated UK office customises technological solutions to support digital advances. We support leading businesses to be Industry 4.0 ready, to boost productivity and efficiency, and to remain competitive in challenging markets.

If you have questions about our custom test solutions, please contact Arbor UK on 01908 310100 or sales@arbor-uk.com.