Palm-Sized Digital Signage Controller for Harsh Environment Applications

Digital Signage Controller for Multimedia Displays

Developed by Arbor Technology, the fanless IEC-3900 multiple-display digital signage controller delivers high-performance visual signage, even in harsh environments.

Eye-catching digital signage is a valuable touchpoint for engagement with customers. Used in busy transport terminals, restaurants, and retail advertising, it beats printed signage in one obvious way; instant updates.

With modern digital signage controllers, content can be quickly changed. This enables brands to be highly responsive and ensure that their message is always relevant. Digital signage offers the option of share static or video content and our signage controller makes it straightforward to switch between the two.

With our expertise in embedded computing solutions, Arbor Technology has developed the fanless, rugged IEC-3900 multi-display signage controller. Keep your message on point with a 7th generation Intel Core i7/i5 processor and multiple I/O connectivity. The compact design might be small enough to fit into your hand, yet it is sufficiently robust to operate in harsh environments.

Stunning Displays with Simultaneous Dual 4K/UHD Video Outputs

Powered by the 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, ARBOR’s new multiple display terminal IEC- 3900 supports both Windows 10 IoT and Linux operating systems. In clone mode, the two HDMI video outputs can simultaneously provide 4K/60Hz displays on both HDMI ports. In extended mode, the IEC-3900 offers a High Definition video outputs for an immersive viewing experience, with imagery on dual-sided panels.

Other I/Os include four USB 3.0 ports, one RJ-45 COM port and one GbE LAN port. All ports are built are designed for easy access and integration to required peripherals.

Designed for Use in Harsh Environments

This rugged digital signage controller operates in a wide temperature range from -40 to 70°C. It withstands vibration and humidity providing a reliable solution for digital displays, even in demanding environments.

Compact Design for Ease of Installation

The hand-sized IEC-3900 weighs only 700g. This compact, lightweight design simplifies installation and demands less space for a wall-mount. The sealed, fanless design prevents the ingress of dust and moisture, which helps to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Intel® vPro & AMT Aids Device Management

The IEC-3900 also supports Intel vPro & AMT. Running on the Intel Management Engine makes it possible to monitor, update, and maintain the device remotely. In current times, this is an asset, and it also helps to reduce associated with on-site maintenance.

The fanless rugged design and high-quality HDMI video outputs position the IEC-3900 as a game-changer for digital signage controllers.




Wide Range Operating Temp.                           Compact Design                                 Support Intel® vPro & AMT


IEC-3900 Key Features

  • 7th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7/ i5 processor installed
  • Support 2 x HDMI with independent video output
  • Support 1 x COM, 4 x USB3.0, 1 x GbE port
  • Support Intel® vPro & AMT
  • Wide range operating temperature: -40 ~70°C



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If you would like to discuss its suitability for your multimedia applications; including infotainment, advertising, and hospitality please contact the Arbor UK team on 01908 310100.