PC/104 & PC/104+

Any viable embedded solution needs to be compact and offer low power consumption, whilst reliably delivering high performance. ARBOR’s PC/104 and PC/104+ stackable modules are designed to meet these essential criteria. We’ve also been responsive to customer demands for flexible integration between the hardware and software in the PC/104 Range.

ARBOR’s PC/104 modules have x86-based architecture with PC buses and an ultra-compact size, making them your best choice for embedded applications. Arbor’s solutions comply with the definition made by PC/104 Consortium to assure hardware compatibility.

  • Em104-i230F

    Wide-Range Temperature Intel® Atom™ E3800 PC/104 CPU Module

  • Em104P-i2313

    Wide-Range Temperature Intel® Atom™ E3800 PC/104-Plus SBC

  • Em104-a5362

    AMD® Geode™ LX800 PC/104 CPU Module

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