Embedded Box PCs

Embracing Industry 4.0 requires technology that reliably supports IoT integration. Arbor’s fanless Box PCs are the solution. Designed to support process control, remote monitoring, data handling and automated machine-to-machine communications, they offer a high performance solution for demanding industrial applications.

Fanless, robust and with no moving parts, Arbor’s range of industrial PCs offer the perfect mix of performance, features and quality, making them ideal for use in the harshest operating environments. Our industrial grade PCs are designed to withstand low and high temperatures and to work reliably where vibration, shock and dust are a concern.

Our rugged, embedded BOX PCs are designed to exacting quality standards in order to provide stability, longevity and durability. We can custom build our BOX PCs to specifically meet the requirements of your application, or provide off-the-shelf products for projects with time and budget constraints.