Investing in Long Term Customer Relationships

Investing in Long Term Customer Relationships

Arbor Technology UK has built a number of long standing relationships with leading businesses. We really value their custom, whilst they value our technical advice and service at all stages of the process. Like any business, we have targets, but our aim is to make a difference, as well as making a sale.

As we see it, our customers need us to be problem solvers. They look to us not just for products, but for advice, information and specialist services. The most successful outcomes are formed through a collaborative approach, where we work in partnership. Our interest in the customer doesn’t diminish the minute an order is placed and we believe that our after sales support stands Arbor Technology apart from the competition.

Embedded Computing Solutions for Mitsubishi

We can demonstrate this customer relationship in our role as a supplier to Mitsubishi Electric UK, specialists in factory automation. Mitsubishi Electric UK focuses on innovative technological progress that enables manufacturers to make “Changes for the Better”.

Mitsubishi Electric provides solutions for a wide variety of industries including Life Sciences, Energy and Material Handling. Each industry has distinct requirements which mean that, as a Mitsubishi supplier, Arbor UK has to be adaptable and well informed.

Arbor Technology UK embedded computing solutions provides the hardware for Mitsubishi software. This includes the GT Works 3 Human Machine Interface (HMI) and the Mitsubishi Androit Process Suite (MAPS) software for life cycle management.

Understanding the Industrial Application

At the start of the process, our technical sales team take a keen interest in the application of the technology, including the industry, operating environment and challenges including available space and inter-connectivity. This helps us to provide informed recommendations on the most suitable products.

Arbor UK goes a step further; we are regularly involved in conversations and meetings with the Mitsubishi Electric customers. A collaborative approach helps to ensure that we understand the intricacies of the project and offer a customised solution. This direct contact with the end user clearly illustrates the trusted relationship we’ve built with Mitsubishi Electric.

Demo Units Prove the Technological Solution

A concept on paper isn’t always sufficient to convince all clients. For this reason, Arbor UK often provides demo units for Mitsubishi Electric UK to showcase to customers. This allows the technology to be visualised and trialled in the appropriate setting. Verifying the viability of the technology with a Proof of Concept system is a strong convincer. In this way our demo units encourage orders to be placed.

Communication and Custom Configuration

When an order is received, we regularly communicate with our contacts at Mitsubishi Electric, providing updates on progress and this supports their customer communications. If there are changes to the brief or time scales, good communication can make all the difference when it comes to managing expectations.

For low volume orders, we tend to supply Mitsubishi with a standard solution, but for larger orders we regularly include a dedicated custom configuration service. When the units are prepared, we undertake in-house testing. If specific conditions mean that more rigorous testing is necessary, this will be an agreed part of the process.

Windows OS, Mitsubishi software and the customers own software can all be loaded during the configuration process. We’re willing to provide advice about suitable mounting options and even offer a design service for custom mounting options if required.

Arbor Technology holds stock in the UK, meaning that short lead-times can be achieved for urgent orders. Custom configured finished goods can also be held in the UK, allowing Mitsubishi to operate a Kanban call off process.

Supporting Growth and Technical Advances

Delivery is by no means the final step in the process. We maintain regular communication with Mitsubishi Electric, providing a prompt response to requests, so they can provide answers to their customers. From resolving issues to preparing for updates and operational expansions, a collaborative approach helps everyone to provide quality products with a quality service.

Investing in Service

Established relationships and on-going support are far more time consuming than a quick sale, but we view it as an investment. By providing our customers with a personalised service, we benefit, they benefit and their customers benefit.

If your company is looking for a supplier of Rugged Mobile Computing, Embedded Computing, Industrial Box PCs or Touchscreen Panel PCs, you can benefit from a comprehensive service if you get in touch with Arbor UK. Call our Milton Keynes office on: 01908 310100