Electronics and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving change across every industrial sector. From automated manufacture and logistics, to telemedicine, retail and hospitality, IoT opens up the opportunity to enhance efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Electronics sit at the heart of the IoT infrastructure. Advances in electronic hardware support the development of technology in the ever changing industrial landscape. In order to remain competitive, a company like Arbor Technology is always keen to innovate and bring new products to market.

Electronics for Industrial and Commercial Markets

With expertise in industrial and commercial processes, Arbor Technology is able to design and develop solutions that will meet the changing demands. In addition to functionality, every Arbor product is designed with attention to security, reliability, durability and compatibility.

Our extensive range of products provides viable solutions across many industrial and commercial markets. Arbor takes time to understand the specific demands of the application, as well as limiting factors, including scale and integration with existing hardware. We like to visit customers to gain full clarity on critical details that impact on the options.

Our informed recommendations assist customers in shortlisting the best products, but we are well aware that one size cannot fit all. This is where Arbor’s in-house custom configuration service really adds value.

Custom Configuration

Highly skilled technicians configure products in our Milton Keynes workshop, to ensure they are uniquely fit for the application. Depending upon the specification of ARBOR product, we can offer the following configuration options.

  • Custom Heat Spreader (for low and high volume embedded boards)
  • Custom BIOS
  • Custom Mounting Plates
  • Conformal coating – for embedded boards
  • Custom OS Image
  • Versatile System Configuration – in terms of CPU, Memory, Operating System, connectivity and Storage

Custom Configuration for Food and Beverage Vending Machine

A prominent manufacturer in the food and beverage industry approached Arbor UK for a bespoke solution. Having taken time to understand their requirements, we identified the best options. This wasn’t a case of finding a best fit ‘off-the shelf’ solution.

Our first step was to supply them with a sample ASLAN-W722C Panel PC. This enabled the manufacturer to develop their software application.

The next stage was to provide them with a branded custom PCAP Touch-Screen. This was made exactly to their specifications. We also designed and manufactured a custom rear cover to aid mounting and manage heat dissipation.

By working in collaboration with Arbor UK and making full use of our custom configuration service,

Our customer was able to manufacture a stylish, ultra-reliable vending machine. This has currently been installed in over 100 locations across UK.

Customised Industrial Electronics – Exactly What You Are Looking For

If you have struggled to identify the right product for your application, give Arbor UK a call on: 01908 310300. With an extensive product range and a custom configured service, we could provide exactly what you are looking for.