Brittany Based Waste Collection Company Installs Trucks with ARBOR’s IOT-800 HMI

In Brittany France, many boroughs are investing in the best computing technology to optimise various services such as household waste collection. Already established in the region, Mobil-Inn is equipping an increasing number of garbage trucks with their iSmartCollect solution.

The platform chosen by Mobil-Inn to complement this software is ARBOR’s 8″ IOT-800 rugged Android terminal.

The iSmartCollect software provides simplified collection management, including seasonal variations, smart control, allowing circuit modifications, and all the while reducing operating costs. iSmartCollect achieves this through real-time maps sharing, comprehensive human and material resource management, and even enables real-time route modification.

As the ideal 8″ touchscreen device for this application, the IOT-800 terminal offers GPS navigation for geolocation and driver guidance, as well as a SIM card reader for communication with the collection centre. Furthermore, the IOT-800 has an integrated NFC reader which allows employees with authorised badges access to the system/truck.

On the technical side, thanks to a large-scale DC input, IOT-800 can be powered anywhere and can easily embedded into a vehicle.


The unique features of the IOT-800 terminal have led to a long-term partnership between Mobil-Inn and our distributor 6TA. The intention is to equipping all major waste collection companies in French territory with ARBOR Technology.

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