Temperature Screening Station

Remote Thermal Detection with E-Guardian S408



Fast and advanced thermal imaging for epidemic prevention

Lockdown measures were enforced to minimise the spread of Coronavirus, but as restrictions are lifted, how can businesses and public spaces protect colleagues and customers?

Arbor Technology has developed E-Guardian S408 to help system integrators to provide their clients with a simple virus detection solution. As a high temperature is one of the symptoms of Covid-19 (and other viruses), this thermal monitoring system is an effective control method. E-Guardian is designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures. This solution can be used for rapid temperature screening at entry points to office buildings, factories and public places.


  • Quick preliminary fever screening without contact
  • HMI & thermal camera integrated all-in-one solution
  • Intuitive user interface with touchscreen and physical buttons
  • AI human recognition for accurate temperature measurements
  • On-screen & audio alerting system
  • Blackbody & offset adjustment to enhance accuracy
  • Slim design, easy deployment

Elevated temperature and mask detection

Real-time thermal image

Preliminary Fever Detection for Epidemic Prevention

Fast and Advanced Thermal

  • High accuracy, error margin of ±0.5°C
  • Real-time thermal image
  • 8″ inch tablet as HMI, easily viewable result
  • Warning graphic and sounds



Thermal Camera Readings in an Instant

The E-Guardian S408 Preliminary Temperature Detection Screening Station can be readily set up alongside other access control measures at entrance points. Supplied with magnetic mounts for attachment to the wall or ceiling or a tripod mount, assembly is straightforward.

After initial calibration to ensure accuracy, AI human recognition will provide temperature readings for everyone who passes, in an instant. For individuals within the normal temperature range, a green visual will indicate that they can enter.

If a high-temperature reading is taken, a red visual will be accompanied by an audible warning. This does not necessarily mean that the individual has Covid-19, but access should be denied and the individual advised to get tested.

Remote Temperature Detection

As a wall, ceiling or tripod-mounted device, E-Guardian S408 Preliminary Fever Detection Solution avoids someone being deployed to temperature monitoring with a hand-held device. No unnecessary contact is required as the system operates automatically when a human form is detected. For accurate readings, one person should be monitored at a time, standing between 0.5 and 1 meter away from the device.

E-Guardian S408 is designed for indoor use, where the ambient temperate ranges between 15 and 30 degrees centigrade and should be positioned away from other heat sources. Applications include leisure centres, schools, shopping centres, factories, sports arenas and offices.

Fever Detection Solution – What’s Included?

E-Guardian S408 is an 8” HMI tablet with integrated software and an adjustable infrared camera. It is supplied with a mounting plate, Y power cable, magnetic holders, a universal power adapter, Blackbody calibrator and the screws needed for assembly.

If your clients require a thermal monitoring solution which:

  • Is easy to assemble
  • Provides instant and easy to read thermal readings
  • Avoids unnecessary contact

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