Industrial Automation Essential to post Brexit Success

Industrial Automation Essential to post Brexit Success

According to Lloyd’s most recent Business in Britain report, there is growing manufacturing confidence at the start of 2018.

Business in Britain Report

The bi-annual survey of 1500 firms, including 204 British manufacturers, gathers insight into business confidence, sales outlook, orders and profits.

Published in January, the results show that despite uncertainty around Brexit and its impact on the economy, the outlook is positive. A quarter of manufacturers are looking to create jobs in the coming 6 months, whilst a third were keen boost investment.

Investing in Industrial Automation

Mike Wilson of the British Automation and Robotics Association (BARA) advises that investment in automation is crucial for long term industrial success. He highlights the significant progress that has been achieved by Germany and France. As our European neighbours embrace industrial automation, productivity, reliability and efficiency have increased.

The Business in Britain report indicates that British Manufacturers are open to the advantages that automation can bring, with 41% stating plans to automate part of their process.

Future Proofing UK Manufacturing

The advice given by BARA is supported by a detailed study carried out by Barclays Bank. The results were detailed in a ‘Future proofing UK Manufacturing report’ in November 2015. It revealed that if British Industry invests £1.24billion in automated technology, the return over 10 years would amount to £60.5 billion. That amounts to £49 for every £1 spend.

Whilst Brexit brings exchange rate volatility and trade tariffs, it also brings fresh opportunities. British industry, and the wider economy, will be in a strong position to benefit from new markets if automation is used to its full advantage.

Arbor Technology Supporting Machine Automation

Arbor provides smart technology that enables the automation of many industrial processes. Our electronic devices are sufficiently robust to reliably operate within the most demanding of industrial applications. Our technology supports process management and quality assurance in a diverse range of industrial applications.

The ASLAN W9 Series is an example of Arbor’s Human Machine interface technology. These Panel PCs range from 10.1″ to 21.5″ to suit a variety of applications. Combining Intel® Core i5 2.4 GHz processor and a multi touch interface, this technology is designed to reliably enhance manufacturing processes. Efficient and accurate productivity is supported by the simplification of controls and range of display options offered by the ASLAN W9 Series.

Along with Arbor’s other industrial automation solutions, this product range heightens productivity and boosts manufacturing output. It is being adopted by British manufacturers with aspirations to enter competitive markets, win orders and increase profits.

Machines Replacing Workers

Media headlines stir up concerns about automated processes putting people out of work. The Barclay’s 2015 report presented an opposing view, suggesting that automation would protect over 100,000 manufacturing positions. The knock on effect in the supply chain and logistics would secure a further 32,300 jobs.

BARA agrees, stating that automation would primarily remove the need for people to undertake arduous, repetitive jobs, but present greater opportunities to upskill employees. By handing over low skill jobs to machines and training the current manufacturing workforce, there is an opportunity to reduce the current skills shortage being faced in the manufacturing industry.

Investing in Industrial Automation

If your company is part of the 41% who are looking to automate part of your process during 2018, Arbor UK is happy to discuss your requirements and possible solutions. From shifting a single operation from man to machine, through to pioneering production, our industrial automation expertise could drive your business fortunes.


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