Arbor Products Showcased at World Forum for Medicine

The Medica Trade Fair in Dusseldorf proved the ideal exhibition for Arbor Technology to present our leading healthcare products to global visitors.

The international event was heavily focused on the digitalisation of the medical industry. With Internet of Things (IoT) integration, there come opportunities to efficiently manage all aspects of patient care. This includes treatment, self-managed rehabilitation, safety, hygiene and the effective allocation of resources.

The Medica World Forum brought together manufacturers, innovators, practitioners and industry leaders. With interactive exhibition stands, inspiring speakers and healthy debate, the digitalisation of healthcare was presented from a variety of perspectives. Exhibitors travelled from all corners of the world to be part of this extensive medical event. They included renowned companies; Bosch, GE Healthcare and Samsung Electronics.


Arbor Prototype on Display

Arbor was delighted to share a new prototype with Medica visitors; M1160, an 11.6” Medical Grade Tablet. Compliant with medical regulations, the M1160 is a rugged medical tablet for use as a clinic assistant.

Featuring an LCD display with projected capacitive multi-touch panel and 1366 x 768 WXGA resolution, the M1160 is a mobile healthcare solution. The optional docking station will provide extra I/O connectivity and Vesa mounting to allow fitment medical carts and other equipment.

It was valuable to gather visitor feedback on this new device at Medica. All comments will assist with the continued development of the M1160 prototype.


Arbor Healthcare Products

Arbor Technology’s stand at Medica also featured the following healthcare products:

M1014 / HTab
Our ‘all in one’ bedside infotainment solution incorporates Quad Core ARM cortex-A7 CPU 1.3 GHz processors. The Arbor hardware, coupled with TMM Patient Infotainment software, supports communication by providing patient specific information, including self-managed therapy and meal ordering. It also provides the patient with access to TV, radio, ebooks, games, skype, email and social media. This 10.1” LCD touch screen offers 1280×800 HD resolutions, external device connectivity and an IP65 rated front panel.

M1922 and M2150
Our medical fanless touchscreen panel pcs are designed for nursing stations and operating theatres, connecting with other medical equipment. The devices feature an Intel Core i5 processor and support efficiency and information exchange to enhance patient care. These UL60601-1 compliant, 19” 4:3 and 21.5” Widescreen LCD touch screens offer multi connectivity and multi expansion, along with internal battery options, for critical health applications.

M1859 / M1861
Our 18.5″ Fanless Intel® Celeron® Quad Core N3160 Medical Infotainment Terminals are offered for either Android or Windows operating systems. They feature integrated RFID, NFC, barcode scanner and smart card reader for patient ID access. The IP65 front panel, dust resistant and ventless design enables infection control criteria to be met. These units allow Patient / Doctor interface, giving hospitals clinic benefits, as well as allowing patients to access multimedia entertainment.


Taiwan Excellence Standard

As a European division of a Taiwanese company, Arbor UK was pleased to hear the Taiwanese medical device industry receive praise at the Medica World Forum.

It was recognised that Government funding actively encouraged innovation and accelerated the development of digital solutions in Taiwan. The devices met stringent healthcare requirements and were assisting in the optimisation of processes, communication, intelligent analysis and safety, to enhance patient care. The sector has seen steady growth since 2005, with many products gaining the Taiwan Excellence Standard.


Details on Arbor’s expert medical station and patient infotainment solutions can be found on our website.