Logistics with Rugged Mobile Computing

Streamline Warehousing and Logistics with Rugged Mobile Computing

Within the Retail sector, Black Friday, Christmas and the post-Christmas Sales provide a seasonal opportunity to clear stock and boost profits. That is, if the process is well managed. Other industries may experience differing peaks dependent on product ranges, economic influences or highly effective marketing campaigns.

“It can take considerable effort and expense to attract and convert a customer, so whenever an order is placed, it is essential to derive the maximum customer satisfaction.”

The quality and performance of the physical products play a part in meeting customer expectations, but good service is also dependent on logistics. It is essential that goods are received on time and in the anticipated condition. Late, damaged, faulty or incomplete orders can be detrimental to the relationship with the customer and the reputation of the business.

The challenge for logistics is to operate consistently and cost effectively, despite processing varying levels of orders. Accurate forecasting is therefore necessary to support planning and supply chain management.

Data is essential for accurate forecasting, so data collection has to be integrated into everyday processes. Investment in suitable technology can support data collection, as well as streamlining the supply chain.

Arbor’s Rugged Mobile Computing for Logistic Operations

Arbor Technology manufactures a range of products aimed at simplifying warehousing, logistics, distribution and fleet management.  Our rugged mobile computers support efficiency in stock control, picking and packing, delivery tracking and associated data collection.

Android Operating Systems

Gladius GT-500

Arbor’s Gladius GT-500 is a popular logistics tool. This handheld rugged mobile computing solution is presented in a convenient smartphone format. It is a robust IP67 rated device, which is water, dust and drop resistant. The touchscreen is glove friendly and it provides a reliable performance, even in extremes of temperature.

Supporting warehouse management, shipping and deliveries, the Gladius GT-500 includes 4G connectivity, a barcode reader, GPS, Bluetooth, a light sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope. A range of straps, holders and docking stations further enhance the use of this rugged mobile computer in the warehouse and on the road.

Gladius 8

An alternative option is the larger multi-touch panel device, the Gladius 8. This 7.85” IP65 certified tablet includes a replaceable battery, which can reliably operate for up to 8 hours. It has been specifically designed for in-vehicle applications; supporting route optimisation and delivery tracking.

Windows Operating System

Gladius G0975

For Windows based applications, Arbor offers the 9.7” Gladius G0975. This MIL-STD-810G and IP65 compliant rugged tablet delivers high computing performance, multi connectivity and 4ft drop resistance. It reliably meets the demands of warehouse operations and is widely used in forklift applications.

Problem Solving Design

The familiar format and intuitive design of the Gladius range make it straight forward to train new employees and seasonal staff to use these devices. By efficiently getting everyone up and running, the warehouse optimises productivity.

Our technology can also support the early identification of potential issues, such a low stock levels. This helps warehouse managers to prioritise tasks and prevent problems from occurring.

In short, our technology supports warehouse and distribution workers, aids logistics management and helps to ease the operational pressures that are experienced at peak times.

Arbor’s Rugged Mobile Computing for Logistic

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