Improving User Experience with Digital Signage

Have you noticed how easily children navigate through the digital world? Even at a young age they intuitively access information and entertainment. Observing their readiness to interact with digital technology, it’s easy to understand why traditional, static means of communication fail to attract their interest.

Advances in digital display technology are reshaping the way in which companies communicate with Millennials. In order to resonate with the younger consumer, digital signage is at the forefront of delivering responsive and interactive user experiences.

Digital Signage for Engaging Shopping Experiences

For High Street stores there’s no room for complacency; ecommerce is on the rise. Unable to compete on price, range or convenience, a fresh strategy has to be employed. To attract shoppers into a physical store, it’s now important to deliver a personalised, interactive experience that can’t be offered online.

Forget seasonal offers, digital signage allows the retailer to respond to weather conditions, stock levels, customer enquiries, or the time of day. A digitalised shop can also connect with personal smart technology, putting incentives in the shopper’s hands whilst they are browsing.

Touch screen digital displays draw buyers in and provide personalised information that can influence buying decisions. In short, digital technology provides relevant information at the point at which it is of greatest value to the customer.

Digital Signage Improves Public Services

Do you hate being kept waiting? A lack of information heightens the frustration, but the use of remotely managed digital signage can help alleviate the problem.

Coupled with visual monitoring, digital signage can be used to manage the flow of people through an environment. This reduces queues and congestion, as well as improving safety and security.

Delays and disruption can’t always be avoided. Digital signage provides an effective means of sharing up to the minute communication in bus stops and stations, council offices and hospitals. Informed of the problem and with a clear idea of waiting times, it’s possible to make informed decisions.

Targeted marketing is essential for all organisations and public services are no exception. Digital signage supports this goal. As an example, a guide to treating common childhood ailments can be displayed in the doctor’s waiting room during immunisation sessions. As the last young patient is seen, the display changes to generic health information.

Interactive touch screens also empower individuals to serve themselves. Digital vending machines, appointment booking systems and accessing personalised advice can all contribute to individuals getting what they need, without the need to wait in a queue. In a fast paced world, the efficiency offered by digital signage is valued.

Integrated System Europe 2018

Arbor Technology supplies digital signage hardware to retail, hospitality, transport and medical industries. Our products include the ELIT-1900 – a compact, yet powerful digital signage player that supports 4K UHD playback and up to six independent HDMI displays.


We are delighted to be showcasing our solutions, including the ELIT-1900 digital signage player, at this year’s Integrated System Europe (ISE) exhibition. ISE is a four day event, commencing on 6th February 2018 in Amsterdam. The Arbor team will exhibit alongside 1,200 other leading technology providers. We look forward to meeting dynamic businesses that are ready to embrace the opportunities offered by digital signage.

If you are visiting this European exhibition, you’ll find Arbor Technology at Stand E190 in Hall 8. We’d be delighted to answer your questions and provide relevant examples of how digital signage is impacting on your industry.

Arbor’s Digital Signage PCs

If you would like to discuss the suitability of Arbor’s digital signage computers for your operations,

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