SMART & IoT Solutions

The future of manufacturing is Industry 4.0. To realise its potential in driving productivity, efficiency, cost savings and competitive advantage, we need smart factories, smart machines and smart products to communicate with each other. Our tailored solutions use state of the art technology to support the transformation of the manufacturing environment. Our high performance technology is effective for improved process management, quality assurance, accuracy and efficiency. Our robust solutions are designed to withstand the demanding industrial environments and repeated use.

Our computing solutions for industrial automation are categorised as follows:

  • Vision & Motion Control
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Machine Automation
  • Intelligent Power Systems


Arbor UK produces products that are scalable and responsive to technological advances. As such we ensure that an investment in industrial automation is future proof. You can rely on our high quality design and manufacturing capabilities as well as our reliable UK team 01908 310100
19th July 2018

Machine Vision Technology

Machine Vision Technology Boosts Manufacturing Productivity The UK has a rich manufacturing history and even today, direct manufacturing and the associated supply chains provide 5 million jobs and contribute 15% of GDP. Despite this, per worker productivity in the UK is lower than in European counterparts. Investment in industrial digitalisation […]
20th February 2018

Electronics and the Internet of Things

Electronics and the Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving change across every industrial sector. From automated manufacture and logistics, to telemedicine, retail and hospitality, IoT opens up the opportunity to enhance efficiency, productivity and profitability. Electronics sit at the heart of the IoT infrastructure. Advances in […]
31st January 2018

FPC-7900 Advanced Box PC with TPM 2.0

FPC-7900 Advanced Box PC with TPM 2.0 Advances in technology drive growth in all industries, yet trust in this technology can be lost in an instant if personal data and valuable information is compromised. Technology is fallible, but the risks can be minimised if effective measures are put into place. […]
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