ETX COM (Computer on Module)

ETX, standing for Embedded Technology eXtended, is an integrated and compact 95 × 125 mm (3.7 × 4.9 in) Computer on Module (COM) form factor. ETX COM integrates core CPU and memory functionality, the common I/O of a PC/AT (serial, parallel, etc.), USB, audio, graphics, and Ethernet. All I/O signals, as well as a full implementation of ISA and PCIbuses, are mapped to four high-density, low-profile connectors on the bottom side of the module.

We offer a versatile portfolio of high performance to low-power CPU from Intel® to  AMD. Arbor Technology, a leading IPC provider of embedded computing solutions.

Arbor Technology (UK) is based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

We are part of the global network for Arbor, an established technology specialist with Head Offices in Taiwan. Our dedicated UK offices allows your company to benefit from the technological advances that Taiwan is renowned for, without the complexities of language barriers, time differences or complicated shipping requirements.

Our sales representatives are happy to discuss your requirements. With a clear understanding of your specific application needs, we can advise on the most effective solutions.

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Based upon our extensive experience and customer feedback, we believe that ARBOR UK can offer you valuable advice on which model would be the most efficient and cost effective solution for your application. To get the process started, please give us a call. You can discuss your application and we will help you select a suitable product, so you can order with confidence.

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    Wide Temperature Design & Validation:

    ARBOR COM Express modules can be operated in an extended temperature range of −40°C to +85°C, and have passed stringent vibration tests. The exclusive use of high quality components and highly effective thermal solutions ensure that the modules are rugged enough for use in harsh environments.

    In‐house Technologies and Expertise:

    ARBOR has extensive expertise in power MCU design for automation control. Its BIOS anti‐crash technology (ACT) enables embedded systems to recover BIOS code from a secondary on‐board flash memory and restart in case of a system BIOS failure.

    Conformal Coating Service:

    To provide maximum PCB operational lifespan and functionality, ARBOR offers automated conformal coating services to protect components and circuitry from dust, fungus, moisture and salt spray.

    Full‐service OEM/ODM solutions:

    Our dedicated RD/BIOS service team provides customisation support from initial prototype design all the way through development, manufacturing, assembly, logistics, and after‐sales services.

    Materials and Production Traceability:

    ARBOR’s Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provide complete component and assemblies traceability information from manufacturing floor to shipping in strict compliance with brand image and product warranty requirements.

    15 Years Longevity Commitment:

    Most of ARBOR board products carry a life cycle commitment of 15 years from first production. ARBOR will notify customers in advance of component revisions or end‐of‐life scheduling, and provide options in qualifying updated components and modules.

    Regulation Compliance:

    ARBOR’s products are certified to comply with applicable regulatory bodies for their application including UL60601‐1, IEC60601‐1 (3rd edition), EN60601‐1 (3rd edition), EN60601‐1‐2, and are certified with CE, and FCC regulations to ensure operational safety in medical applications.