IEC 3300 Box PC

Reliable and Cost effective Fanless Box PC with Intel® Celeron® / Atom™ Processor

Key Features

  • Ultra Low Power and Fanless Design
  • VGA/ HDMI output supported
  • Optional Wi-Fi Connection supported
  • Rugged Design for Shock/Vibration Protection
  • Easy Installation/Maintenance



Embeded Box PC is perfect for price-sensitive, industrial applications.


The Review of IEC-3300, a Compact, Rugged, Fanless Box PC

ARBOR’s IEC-3300 is a robust, fanless ultra-compact box PC. It’s designed primarily for the transportation sector — with numerous deployment scenarios in cars, trucks, buses, and trains — but of interest to numerous other embedded and vertical markets as well. The device is impressively compact — just 6.4 x 4.3 inches and 1.54 inches tall. That’s about half the volume of an Apple Mac Mini. And it also only weighs half as much as an Apple Mini. Yet, this is a tough, full-function, Intel Bay Trail-powered industrial Windows computer.

ARBOR’s idea here was to create a very light and small industrial PC that doesn’t need a fan, yet provides full Windows computing power and a nice complement of standard full-size onboard connectivity, including dual display capabiity to make it suitable for digital signage applications. The IEC-3300 is powered by either by a dual-core Intel N2807 or a quad-core Intel J1900 processor, both part of Intel’s highly acclaimed “Bay Trail” processor platform. The device is available with up to 8GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB of mSATA solid state disk, and there’s a half-size mini PCI-e slot of additional expansion such as WiFi. The image below shows the ARBOR IEC-3300 from the top and all four sides.

In terms of design, the IEC-3300 represents rugged systems simplicity at its best. The housing consists of a rectangular section of 3/32-inch aluminum alloy. The roughly 5.5 x 4.0 inch motherboard is secured onto supports inside that aluminum chassis. The top and bottom of the device consist of identical precisely milled and superbly fitting beveled aluminum alloy covers, secured in place by four small screws each.

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IEC 3300 Box PC

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